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Five terrible faults we make when driving through tunnels

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Lights out
Many modern models have an automatic system for turning on their lights in the dark, so something similar is done inside tunnels. However, it does not hurt to check the signs on the dashboard. The rest of us have to turn on the vehicle’s lights on time and turn them off as well when we exit the tunnel. Attention! In a tunnel we always use the middle ladder of the headlights and not the stop lights or large headlights that blind other drivers.
We wear sunglasses
Driving in tunnels wearing sunglasses is forbidden by bat, because it looks like we are moving in the night without lights and do not detect dangerous situations in time. If we are, however, binoculars and we have e.g. myopia, then we wear our normal sunglasses instead of the sun when we approach an area with several tunnels or a long tunnel.
Car ventilation
The air in the tunnels of modern motorways is renewed through special ventilation systems, however they do not cease to be an enclosed space that is burdened with the exhaust gases of vehicles and the wear of their tires. That’s why, before entering the tunnel, we turn the air conditioner switch to the recycling position of the air so that no air flows into the car from the tunnel. Once out of the tunnel, we again select the air flow from the environment.
Short distances
The correct safety distance corresponds empirically to the speed of movement of our vehicle by two, but of course in meters. If we are moving at 120 km./ hour on the highway, then we need to observe about 60 m.This is even more true inside the tunnels, as there is no maneuverability, e.g. making right into a sharp braking of our front vehicle. In fact, inside the tunnels it is advisable to leave even a little longer distances than normal.
Approach speed
When approaching a tunnel, we must respect the speed limits, so that there is a smooth flow of traffic within the tunnel. The adjustment of speed should be done gradually and then maintain a steady pace without significant fluctuations. It is wrong to approach the tunnel at excessive speed and reduce it at the last minute by braking hard or to drive too slowly for no reason, because we are frightened by the dark hole in the entrance. In fact, in the latter case, we may irritate some impatient drivers and get stuck behind us by violating safety distances.

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