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6 Weird Traffic Violation Penalties from Around the World

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Each country has its own peculiarities. This is also confirmed in the road traffic codes, which are in force in some states and provide penalties for traffic violations, which cause us questions and laughter.
It is a fact that legislation varies from country to country. Of course, the road traffic codes, which sometimes include incomprehensible provisions for our own data, are not exempt from this either. As is, for example, the 6 penalties for an equal number of traffic violations that we list.

Great Britain: fine for those who douse pedestrians
In Great Britain they care about pedestrians and prove it with a very apt provision of the Highway Code. In particular, anyone driving carelessly in the rain and splashing pedestrians with their car risks a fine that can exceed 6,000 euros. And this, in a country where it rains most days of the year, so the driver must be constantly careful to avoid the draconian fine. I hope, however, that this particular provision finds imitators elsewhere.

Cyprus: carelessness is paid
In Cyprus, carefree drivers who hold the steering wheel with one hand and their coffee or some other object pay an 85 euro fine, while incurring one to three penalty points in the Point System. Even worse is if they hold their mobile phone in one hand, in which case the fine becomes 150 euros. Of course, there are times when you have to take your hand off the ruffle to change your speed.

Switzerland: Leptologists with centimeter accuracy
In Swiss cities there are special parking zones for permanent residents with a relevant card, which are demarcated with blue lines. For residents of Zurich, who have parked for a three-day period in the blue parking zone with the two wheels of the vehicle even one palm outside the boundaries of the diagrams, a total fine of about 1,200 euros is expected!

Us: three months in jail for abusive drivers
In various states of the United States legislative provisions are laid down which seem very strange and far-fetched in the eyes of a European. In Tennessee, for example, you’re not allowed to shoot wild animals from your car, but you can shoot whales, although that state is not washed by the sea. The city of Rockville in Maryland, USA, has ended even more, since any driver who curses loudly enough to be heard outside his car, risks a fine of 90 euros and up to 90 days in jail!

Germany: when on-board nudists bother
In Germany it is not expressly forbidden by the Highway Code to practice nudism and drive a car. It is enough, however, for another citizen not to declare that the spectacle bothers him and report it to the police, so a hefty fine of up to 1,000 euros is foreseen.

Australia: seat belts on holidays and holidays

Seat belts save lives, which is why in almost all countries violators are punished with monetary fines or even other penalties. In Australia, not wearing a seat belt costs about 250 euros, which, however, doubles on holiday days and public holidays.

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