About Us

Two friends started a journey in search and doubt, hoping that in this journey they will expand their companionship by interacting, exchanging opinions and experiences.Brain-teasing articles, mind games and skeptical experiments aimed at finding nuggets of truth about the meaning of life.

We like critical thinking, we constantly test the criteria of truth, we are concerned with moral dilemmas and moral approaches. We catch paradoxes and optical illusions, philosophical and scientific articles, we love art and give special importance to social issues.

We invite you not just to follow us but to help us make any difference in the face of the massive backlash and onslaught of irrationality of our time. Let’s break down some prejudices, fixed notions and criticize ideologies. Let’s not leave anything standing if possible, but always in a democratic framework and respecting the human factor

Try to host you, write your comments, your observations, send us your articles with your thoughts and suggestions.

For comments, observations, article suggestions, interest in advertising, you can contact the email: tsrikisvilis@gmail.com