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Emotion is Energy in Motion

Emotion is Energy in Motion Everything we are, feel, think, do, is basically an expression of the functioning of the brain in a constant dialogue...

The Michael Archangel of Medicine

The Michael Archangel of Medicine Charles Netter and Esther Adel Slutsky go away. The first in 1888 and the second two years later. Vilna, Poland (now Vilnius,...

If you Want Equality Why are you So Wealthy?

If you Want Equality, why are you So Wealthy? Within the case of what we name beliefs within the strict sense but in addition ...

Who Runs the Global Financial System?

In terms of world economic leadership, the twentieth century is considered American, just as the nineteenth century was British and the sixteenth century was...

What Drives the Economy ?

What Drives the Economy ? Do people actually act rationally? Or can stories and rumors derail an entire economy? Recently, economists are increasingly recognizing that...

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