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The” Black Box ” in Cars: What Information Will it Receive

From July 6, all the technical data on the car will change, as all the new generation will have a “black box”, which will give answers to many questions, both about the way someone drives, and about the conditions a few seconds before a car accident.

Manufacturers are obliged from July 6 to provide vehicles that will be approved with driving data recorders. This device will be able to provide answers to the conditions that prevailed shortly before the accident, as well as some data on the driving conditions of the car, in order to give a clearer picture of the fault of the drivers involved in a car accident.

Until now we knew that the “black box” was the exclusive of airplanes. As of July 6, all cars that are approved for sale must have the “black box”. This decision does not currently apply to cars that have been approved and are currently in circulation. But from July 7, 2024, manufacturers will be required to have a “black box” on new cars sold from that period.

According to European legislation, this change is aimed at increasing the level of security. The Electronic Data Recorder (EDR),the black box, is an event data recorder (EDR), similar to the “black box” of airplanes which will record information related only to accidents.

In the case of EDR, there is much debate about privacy of personal data. But the EDR will only record the dynamic state of the vehicle before the collision, and in no case will it record audio or video. The recording will be for a few seconds, while an automatic collision alert (ACN) will be activated after the collision.

The information will be confidential and its anonymity will be guaranteed. In fact, they will not contain any identification of the car, its owner or driver. However, they can be used by the judicial authorities in the event of an accident in order to make correct decisions about the fault of a driver.

The” black box ” on the cars will record from the car’s speed and braking to the exact position of the car. It is noted that already in many countries abroad the “Black Box” has been used for many years by thousands of car owners. In an earlier study, drivers who had the black box in their car were more cautious and involved in fewer traffic accidents than drivers who did not have a data recorder. The deaths of young drivers who had a black box in their vehicle fell by about 30%.


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