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What is a Marketing Mix ?

What is a Marketing Mix ?

Knowing the characteristics and conditions of the market,enterprises are in
position to choose their own target market according to:
the characteristics of individuals or businesses
the nature of their needs the characteristics of the products or services they want.

The quality of the product largely determines the cost of its production. Or
improving product quality leads to an increase in production costs, with
result in an increase in the price to maintain the gross profit margin.

improving the distribution of the product through its placement in
more or better points of sale, implies the granting of larger
and the more flexible credit policy, that is, elements that increase
the cost of distributing your product and financial expenses.

Finally, the faster disclosure of the product on the market, the stimulation of
interest of prospective buyers and their motivation to buy
the product, leads to the increase of advertising and sales promotion costs.

Policy, in the broad sense of the term, and the decisions which received by the state in the context of the implementation of a specific policy (e.g. Environmental Protection, greatly affect thefunction of Marketing.

The weight given to each element of the marketing mix differs from
business to business and dictated by the goals of marketing, their
general objectives of each business and of course its conditions
competitive environment.

Therefore, to form a balanced marketing mix, you should
all elements are taken into account before entering the target market:
products or services, the quality of which must correspond to the
wishes of customers competitive prices that they are willing to pay.
consumers distribution to easily accessible points of sale, serving the
buyers promotion of products or services.

Unlike the traditional theory of 4p which expresses the mixture of
Marketing on the part of the enterprise, according to the new approach, the
Marketing mix should also be considered from the perspective of the final
consumer or user, in which the marketing mix is described
better with 4Cs than with 4Ps.

4Cs represent the initials of phrases or words:
Customer Value: customer value
Convenience: Convenience
The Communication: Contact

The marketing mix and the customer
The four P
• Product
• Price
• Place
• Promote
The four C

Solution for customer

Cost to customer
• Comfort
• Communication

Supporters of the 4Cs theory point out that customers are not buying
just a product or service, but buy “value” and “solutions” to some
specific problem they face.

Also, customers are not only interested in the price of a product or a
and the total cost you have to pay for it.
acquisition and use of the product or service. Customers still want to
purchase the products or services they are interested in with the maximum
possible convenience.

Finally, customers today are interested and require two-way communication,
constantly updated and supported, and less interested in promotions
actions taken by suppliers to influence
their purchasing decisions.


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